Noah Bears

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Hello Folks,

When the people at a large “Teddy Bear” company came to me and said they wanted to do a line of Noah Bears as gifts not toys, I wasn’t sure. Then they asked me to write a special one minute message for each Noah Bear and record it with music. Then they showed me how the Noah Bear would have my voice and actually move its mouth and face when I spoke.

Afterwards, when so many, many people who got this gift wrote me about how much it touched lives, I was honored and humbled. And oh yeah, when folks tell me that the Noah Bear also looks like me, and I say “great,” but how does the bear feel?

My favorites are all of them – who can pick between your children. I certainly never thought I would grow up and be a Bear. But then, I remind myself that what grows never grows old. And it’s my prayer the Noah Bear will be a wise and gentle friend in your life or in the life of someone who matters a great deal to you.

P.S. THERE ARE NOW NEW NOAH BEARS that touch my soul, remind kids to have sweet dreams, are an ally to those fighting Cancer, and offer a Healing Grace in the triumph of Recovery.

Peace and blessings,


By clicking here you can see the 5 min interview with Noah benShea about the remarkable talking Noah Bears and their dramatic impact on people’s lives.

Click HERE to see, hear, purchase a Noah Bear

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